Employee Well-being

The world constantly evolves rapidly, and every company needs a resilient and adaptable workforce to succeed. A well-designed and comprehensive survey can help your company track employees’ well-being needs and provide actionable recommendations to support your company’s success proactively.

How It Works?

Checking in and managing employee well-being can benefit the employee and the company. When companies operate in a dynamic business environment, they need to support their workforce to withstand the stressors they experience on a day-to-day basis.

ZENITHR’s Employee Well-being Surveys are comprehensive and equip you with valuable insights across five dimensions of well-being: Financial, Physical, Psychological, Social, and Occupational.

Through ZENITHR‘s well-being model, you can promote employee resilience, engagement, and collaboration and boost related business outcomes.

Discover your Strengths and Areas of Development

ZENITHR Employee Well-being provides additional insights and recommendations on what steps to take to best support employees with the help of advanced analytics and reports.

Organizational Level Comparisons

Track your organization’s overall Employee Well-being over time and take measures to reinforce best practices.

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