Employee Engagement

Engaging employees is critical for retaining valuable talent and assuring business success. By utilizing the right Employee Engagement drivers, the business will promote a well-structured and enthusiastic workplace that supports employees’ perspectives eventually leading to motivation and positively impacting the overall business performance.

How It Works?

ZENITHR’s team has designed the IMPACT model drivers influencing the employee’s engagement based on the latest scientific practices, research, psychological conditions, and business trends.

IMPACT stands for Innovation, Motivation, Performance, Autonomy, Connection, and Transformational Leadership.
ZENITHR’s IMPACT Model, defined as a “marked influence,” was generated using the initials of the most important drivers that best measure Employee Engagement. Each of these drivers is cascaded into two sub-drivers that explicitly measure psychological conditions, which help dive into the reasons behind what keeps employees engaged and disengaged.

Heatmap Visualization

A holistic image of your workplace engagement broken down into results with specific levels and criteria.

Find information displayed in a color-coded manner representing the difference between selected variables for each driver and question chosen to highlight alerts.

Access Recommendations and Training Programs

Engage your top performers by focusing on their current engagement levels through reports with descriptions, recommendations, action plans, and suggested training programs to empower leaders towards a thriving workplace environment.

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