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Psychometric Assessments

With over 40 years of experience, Thomas International is a global leader in providing psychometric assessment tools and services.

ZENITHR is Thomas’s official and exclusive distributor in the MENA region.

Employee Experience Platform

A successful culture ENABLES a successful Employee Experience

ZENITHR’s Employee Experience converts employees’ thoughts and feedback into action plans to build a healthier work culture, increase business performance, and foster innovation.

Employee Onboarding

An organization with an ineffective onboarding process is likely to have high turnover and cost per hires. Getting feedback from the new hires about the onboarding experience is essential as it helps the organization to put effort and initiate change.

Employee Engagement

Engaging employees is critical for retaining valuable talent and assuring business success. By utilizing the right Employee Engagement drivers, the business will promote a well-structured and enthusiastic workplace that supports employees’ perspectives eventually leading to motivation and positively impacting the overall business performance.

Employee Happiness

Employee Happiness contributes to creating a culture that empowers employees and fosters a greater sense of engagement. It is a powerful motivator that encourages employees to perform better and put forth more effort to achieve business objectives by focusing on their goals and encouraging their emotional, physical, and social well-being.

Employee Well-being

Companies that prioritize and invest in employee well-being initiatives can do wonders in retaining, engaging, and inspiring them to be creative problem solvers. Companies that don’t prioritize employee well-being are more likely to make employees feel unsupported, devalued, and disengaged, which may eventually cause them to leave. A good well-being strategy and execution may give your company an edge in attracting and retaining top talent. Make employee well-being part and parcel of your culture with ZENITHR Employee Well-being.

Employee Exit

A great goal for any organization is to retain its valued employees. The Employee Exit Survey helps assess and address the fundamental challenges to reduce employee turnover, retain talent, and enhance the workplace culture and environment.

360° Feedback

360° Feedback strives to guide employees toward constant improvement for organizations to build teams, develop leaders, and get a better understanding of the interested stakeholders. It is a powerful performance review tool that sheds light on honest feedback.

180° Feedback

Evaluating managers’ core capabilities is essential for the business’s success.

The 180° Feedback Assessment strives to support organizations in building influential team leaders. It is a powerful performance review tool for evaluating managers’ skills and abilities.


Pre-defined and customized surveys / assessments

Scientific Approach

User-friendly interface

Real-time slice and dice insights and data

Share concerns and recommendations

Downloadable reports

Advanced analysis

Track respondents' status live

Available in different languages


Testimonial 1
“As an HR Professional that genuinely cares about the employees at my workplace, I found the Employee Experience platform by ZENITHR fit for all of our needs. It has given me the opportunity to let our employees share their feedback while ensuring utmost anonymity.”

Hussain Ali Al-Attal

CEO - First Takaful

Testimonial 2
"ZENITHR Employee Experience is an intuitive, flexible, and time-saving system providing analysis of the surveys and a detailed report highlighting the areas of weakness and how to improve them along with training courses suggested to increase employee engagement."

Abeer Botrous

HR Manager - Arzan Financial Group

Testimonial 3
"We rely on ZENITHR to view employees’ feedback about our company, they enjoyed expressing their opinion and showed their expectations which allowed us to identify possible challenges in our workplace, and it does not disappoint! A quick and easy-to-use Platform with all the employee products you may need in one place."

Mohammad Al-Hamad

HR & Admin Manager - Kuwait Real Estate Company K.P.S.C.

Testimonial 4
“ZENITHR is my #1 go-to platform for all Employee Experience related. I was able to monitor my employee’s engagement and commitment level, in addition to viewing excellent recommendations and training programs that were incredibly useful to my workplace.”

Mona Abu Azab

Associate Director - IFA Group

Testimonial 5
“We finally abandoned paperwork and spreadsheets for the creation of survey and walked over to ZENITHR Employee Experience, a modern platform for all of our employees’ needs. Not only has it been an eco-friendly change, but it has also simplified our tasks and has helped recognize possible employees’ doubts.”

Anas El Tahan

Managing Director - Green Wing Co.

Testimonial 6
“- In Retail, it is crucial to feel the pulse of the front liners and ensure they are very well engaged to be able to deliver the best customer experience. ZENITHR helped us have a thorough deep dive analysis of our staff’s level of engagement and where we need to focus on. The platform is very user-friendly, intuitive and fully customizable to our needs. The team is extremely supportive as well!”

Bilal Khreiss

Human Resources Manager - Azadea Group

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