360° Feedback

The 360° Feedback Assessment is a powerful performance review tool that strives to guide employees toward constant improvement for organizations to build teams, develop leaders, and get a better understanding of the interested stakeholders.

How It Works?

Research has shown that the 360° Feedback Assessment raised in demand because of its proven results in increasing productivity and creating an open space for feedback. It displayed that time spent discovering opportunities is never wasted. Our reports provide insight into feedback gathered from managers, peers, team members, and customers.

Library of Behavioral Competencies

A poorly designed competency model leads to meaningless data. ZENITHR picked specific competencies to gather employee feedback that ensures top notch data analytics.

Our competency model is inclusive of five groups: Transformational Leadership, Management, Self-Development, Working with Others, and Delivering Results.


Data Comparison

Our advanced candidate dashboard and reporting allows rating of multiple candidates and compares their performance to identify, develop, and retain talents so organizations can continue to build a healthy and thriving workforce.

Consent Preferences