Employee Happiness

Employee happiness contributes to creating a culture that empowers employees and fosters a greater sense of engagement. It is a powerful motivator that encourages employees to perform better and put forth more effort to achieve business objectives by focusing on their goals and encouraging their emotional, physical, and social well-being. It is the ultimate key to improving and maintaining retention rates.

How It Works?

Research and influential names have revealed a positive correlation between employee happiness and a thriving performance-driven culture. ZENITHR carefully selected factors that assess employee happiness.


The 6Cs, influenced by the latest scientific practices, research, and recent business trends, have been modeled to represent the research conducted. It constitutes multiple factors named Culture, Compensation, Connection, Conditions, Career Advancement, and Consistency.

Uncover your pain points

ZENITHR provides additional insights, allowing you to highlight the aspects to focus on what’s matter the most to your employees and impact their happiness.

Know what to improve and make sure your people are happy to stay longer.

Dynamic Analytics and Report

Motivate your employees by focusing on their current happiness levels through insightful customizable reports with descriptions, recommendations, suggested initiatives to empower leaders towards a happier workplace environment.

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