180° Feedback

Evaluating managers’ core capabilities is essential for the business’s success. The 180° Feedback Assessment strives to support organizations in building influential team leaders. It is a powerful performance review tool for evaluating managers’ skills and abilities.

How It Works?

Evaluate managers’ skills and abilities through the 180° Feedback Assessment and get honest and valuable feedback from their direct reports. Our reports help you gather insights and capture actionable feedback to identify the gaps and areas to improve.

Create and Manage Assessments

Access ZENITHR’s library of behavioral competencies chosen to ensure top-notch insights and feedback for the evaluation of managers.

Plus, create and customize competencies according to your needs.


Focus on What Matters

With ZENITHR’s advanced dashboard, you will be able to view the performance of multiple candidates to assess their capabilities, focus on future learning, and define clear growth plans.

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