Employee Exit

A great goal for any organization is to retain its valued employees. The Employee Exit Survey helps assess and address the fundamental challenges to reduce employee turnover, retain talent, and enhance the workplace culture and environment.

How It Works?

The Employee Exit Survey, following leading practices, uses seven factors to provide in-depth insight analysis addressing challenges business leaders face; why talents are leaving? What is the average age of leaving talents? Their performance rate? And where is their geographical location?

Drill Down of Employee Information

Drill down through your employees’ personal information, to explore multidimensional data by navigating from one level to a more detailed level. View summary data to explore deeper levels of leavers’ responses and feedback.

Historical Comparison

Filter leavers’ data using criteria with graphical representations of your choice for a specific point in time.  

View easy-to-use dashboards with categorized data by start and end date, and export the same for a specific period. 

Consent Preferences