Employee Onboarding

An organization with an ineffective onboarding process is likely to have high turnover and cost per hires. Getting feedback from the new hires about the onboarding experience is essential as it helps the organization to put effort and initiate change.

How It Works?

Checking in and managing new hire impressions can do wonders in retaining them and helping them become valuable team members quickly.

ZENITHR Employee Onboarding Surveys are based on evidence-based practices, and research measures onboarding experiences across five factors: Belonging, Role Clarity, Adaptability, Continuity, and Efficacy (hence the name BRACE).

Through BRACE Model, you can evaluate new hires’ experiences and ensure they are ready to be an active team member.

Custom Templates and Survey Options

Understand and create better relations with your new hires through our Single-Phase or Two-Phased surveys and customizable surveys for professional and managerial roles

Discover your Strengths and Areas of Development

ZENITHR Employee Onboarding provides additional insights and recommendations on what’s most important to the new hires’ experience with the help of advanced analytics and reports.

Organizational Levels Comparisons

Track your organization’s onboarding experience over time and view your overall results across various organizational levels to keep track of and reinforce best practices.

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